Did you know that your door should be serviced every 12 months?

All manufactures recommend to have your door and remote control serviced every 12 months, It is compulsory to have your door serviced every 12 months to retain your warranty with some manufactures.

By having your door serviced regally will prolong the life of your door and remote control, It may also prevent unexpected breakdowns and Entrapment.

It always seems to happen when you have an emergency to get to that the door breaks down & you can’t get the car out. Or the car is stuck and you lose a day’s pay and possibly your job.

Sectional Or Panel Door Sectional Or Panel Door
Sectional Or Panel Door

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Tilt Door Tilt Door
Tilt Door

The main problem with tilt doors is the main pivot.

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Roller Door Roller Door
Roller Door

Is your roller door driving down quicker than it is.

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Springs Springs

Torsion springs are the main contributor to break downs &.

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